Dolly Re-Root: Ideal Giggles

Lovely color!

Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter

At the last Chicago Doll and Toy Show at the Kane County Fairgrounds, I picked up an Ideal Giggles.  I had rerooted a Giggles in the past for my mom and decided it was time to purchase my own. This Giggles was a steal at $15.00. Giggles had very dry hair and was in desperate need of a reroot when I picked her up.

Giggles Giggles-Before

I knew that Giggles needed a fun and funky hair color, so after much debating on Dollyhair, I decided to order 5 hanks of nylon Dragonfly.  Dragonfly is a vibrant green that reflects a blue tint when in the sun. It’s a very cool color. There’s so much depth to it. I love it!

Re-root in progress Re-root in progress

After a day and a half of rooting and 3 hanks of hair (long Barbie length), Giggles was complete. Her dull dirty blonde hair was gone, replaced…

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