Hello world!

This is my very first post. Yikes! 

What I’d really be pleased with is hearing & seeing others’ ideas on ‘HOW TO’ craft, sew, felt, knit, paint, make & collect clothes & accessories for my fun doll hobby. And it seems best to put my ridiculous self ‘out there’ in a blog to touch base with what’s going on in the crafty dolly world. So here I go!

My first trial with hair plugging or re-rooting my Little Miss No Name doll started with a faithful viewing of my favorite doll blogger #dollyconfessions.wordpress.com . I was so excited about the idea of re-rooting my Little Miss Mary (Little Miss No Name doll) that I didn’t wait for the hair or re-root tool I ordered online to arrive. Impatient I am!

I took apart an old costume wig and re-rooted away. My oh my, what patience it takes to do this precisely, filling each hole with just so many little hairs! OUF! However, I am pleased with the efforts, ie. shaving doll’s head, pulling out ALL plugs (every single hair gone), preparing the wig hairs to matching lengths, making an open ended needle tool & plugging away….. Little Miss Mary looks stunning indeed, well, at least I think so 🙂 What do you think? What other colors would you dare to try?
In any case I highly recommend 100% following #dollyconfessions method! I certainly will when my blueberry muffin colored hair arrives soooooon! 


Happy blogging cheers to you!


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